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The Final Cast List Has Been Posted!

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What’s the musical about? The ultimate show-biz musical, 42ND STREET is a celebration of Broadway, Times Square, and the people who make the magic of musical theatre. Aspiring chorus girl Peggy Sawyer comes to the big city from Allentown PA, and soon lands her first big job in the ensemble of a glitzy new Broadway show. But just before opening night, the leading lady breaks her ankle. Will Peggy be able to step in and become a star? “You’re going out there a youngster, but you’ve got to come back a star!”


When are auditions? Monday and Tuesday, February 5th & 6th from 3:00 until 4:30 will be for vocals, Wednesday February 7th will be for movement, and Thursday February 8th and Friday, the 9th will be for callbacks. We will also register and photograph you. Actors must attend both auditions (one singing day and the dance day) to be considered for roles.


What happens during vocal auditions? These are the singing days. We will hear all the actor’s voices. If you prepare a song, we strongly encourage you to choose a song from a musical. Remember to bring the piano music (there will be an accompanist available) or a Karaoke-style background recording with you to auditions. PLEASE DO NOT PLAN ON SINGING ALONG WITH A COMMERCIALLY RECORDED CD BY THE ORIGINAL ARTIST.


What happens during dance auditions? Don’t prepare anything in advance for this audition. Come ready to move and we’ll teach you what to do. Please wear comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement.


What are callbacks? Callbacks are available to actors that we need another look at. We may ask to hear your voice again, or listen to you read from the script or see how you look with others onstage. YOU CAN STILL BE CAST IN THE MUSICAL WITHOUT BEING CALLED BACK! We will post and announce callbacks at the end of Wednesday’s audition.


What happens if I am cast? We will post a cast list both at school and online, and a meeting time for the first rehearsal. All cast members and their parents must sign a participation contract and commit to the production. Actors must attend all required rehearsals and behave in a safe, professional manner or they will be dismissed. Participating in DMS athletics at the same time as the play is NOT possible. Parents of cast members will also have responsibilities such as volunteering time, providing their student’s costume, and donating snacks for sale during the performances.


When are rehearsals? Rehearsals generally scheduled at DMS Monday - Friday. Most rehearsals generally run from 3:00 - 5:00, but there are exceptions. Rehearsal schedules will be available in advance. Not all parts rehearse on all days; the schedule will vary. Please read your schedules carefully! Unexcused absences and/or chronic misbehavior at rehearsals will result in removal from the cast!


How do I get home after rehearsals? Students will be responsible for arranging their own rides home. “No ride home” is no excuse for missing a rehearsal! Carpooling in strongly encouraged.


When are performances? Thursday through Saturday, May 3, May 4, and May 5 at 7:30 PM and a matinee Sunday May 6, curtain time TBA. Actors must attend ALL performances.


Will there be opportunities for running crews? Student technicians will operate lights, sound, and other backstage aspects of the production. There will be a meeting for those students interested in this phase of the production sometime in April.


Will it be any fun? Just ask anyone who has been in shows in the past! It is a lot of work, a lot of time commitment, but it is also very rewarding, satisfying, and, yes, a LOT OF FUN!



JULIAN MARSH is an intense Broadway director who has staked everything on his new production,  Pretty Lady. He is secure in his reputation as the best director on Broadway and isn’t intimidated by anyone—including his famous leading lady, Dorothy Brock.


DOROTHY BROCK is an older Broadway star. Onstage, she is every inch the high-powered diva, but offstage, she feels trapped by wealthy patron Abner Dillon and pines for a life with her longtime secret love, Pat Denning.


ABNER DILLON, an automobile tycoon, is Dorothy Brock’s wealthy patron and the main financial backer behind Pretty Lady. Abner is devoted to Dorothy, but he is not the sharpest tool in the shed. He is a powerful man accustomed to getting what he wants and won’t take no for an answer.


PAT DENNING is Dorothy’s former vaudeville partner. Though he has kept their love secret for years, he is committed to Dorothy and willing to do anything in order to make their relationship work. He’s kind, levelheaded, practical, and a bit of an “opposites attract” love interest for Dorothy.


PEGGY SAWYER is a young Broadway hopeful determined to get into the chorus of Pretty Lady. Peggy has tons of talent but no professional experience and finds herself in a number of awkward situations as the story progresses.


BILLY LAWLOR is one of Broadway’s best juveniles and Pretty Lady’s leading man. He is charming, hilarious, and an excellent singer, dancer, and actor.


MAGGIE JONES is a co-author of Pretty Lady. She is a smart, confident businesswoman and has no problem standing up to the great Julian Marsh. Maggie is friends with all the Chorus Girls and takes Peggy under her wing.


BERT BARRY is a co-author of Pretty Lady along with Maggie Jones, though Maggie is definitely in charge. Bert has every confidence in Julian’s ability to direct the show, although he tends to panic immediately whenever problems arise.


ANDY LEE is the dance director. He is extremely professional and wants the best work out of everyone, especially if it impresses Julian.


MAC is the no-nonsense stage manager for Pretty Lady. He is down-to-earth and professional.


GLADYS, WINNIE, PHYLLIS, ANNIE, and LORRAINE are cast members in Pretty Lady. They befriend Peggy and encourage her to audition for the show. Gladys, Winnie, and Phyllis are sweet girls who want to make sure the show happens no matter what. Annie is spunky, upbeat, and teaches Peggy the first tap combination. Lorraine is the sassy and straightforward one in the group.


Other roles include the DOCTOR, the KIDS (which refers to both male and female actors), CHORUS GIRLS (which refers to female Kids), FRANKIE, the WAITER, FIRST THUG, SECOND THUG, YOUNG WOMAN, BOY, ANOTHER BOY, A GIRL, ANOTHER GIRL, and the MONEY KIDS.


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