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Rules & Expectations

Rules and Expectations
  1. RESPECT – Please respect the people and objects in your classroom and school environment.
  2. Readiness – Be on time to class with your homework and materials ready.
  3. Responsibility – Follow directions and try your best.
7th Grade Discipline Policy
(see classroom charts)

If any classroom rule is violated, the student will receive a verbal warning for the first offense.  If s/he breaks another rule, the student will be given detention.  The third offense results in  a phone call home to the parent/guardian.  Further violations can result in an office referral and even suspension. Any serious offense which compromises the safety of other students can result in an immediate referral/suspension.
  1. Verbal warning
  2. Detention
  3. Parent called
  4. Referral
  5. Suspension
Any behavior that impacts the cleanliness or order of the classroom or school has the additional consequence of after school or lunch clean-up duty. (Ex behaviors: chewing gum, damaging school supplies, writing on a desk or book, leaving a messy work space, etc.)

Being on time to class is expected. Repeated tardiness (three per quarter) results in a 30-minute detention after school.

Note: Your teacher has the right to adjust the classroom rules and consequences to suit the situation.