Dartmouth Middle School

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Welcome Barracudas!
This year is going to be a team effort as students, teachers, parents and guardians work together to make this year memorable and fun!
Eighth graders, prepare to face challenges and work hard (after all, you are going to high school next year!) As your teachers, we are here to support and guide you through your last year at Dartmouth. Completing your assignments and showing effort in each class will make you a successful Barracuda.

Daily Attendance
You are required to check in for every class period, as well as Advisory. This is considered your attendance.
If you are absent, please communicate with your teachers and the office.
Your health and safety matter to us. We worry when we do not hear from you. 
Attend each class during the scheduled time and expect to complete assignments every day.
Do not fall behind! Distance Learning Support (DLS) is embedded in the daily schedule for you to ask questions and receive help from your teachers.
Make-up work must be completed promptly—it is your responsibility to communicate with your teachers through email or during DLS times to ask about missing assignments. 
Chromebooks, Chromebooks, Chromebooks...
You will use it every day.
It must be charged or plugged in (Don't let the battery fail during a Zoom!)
If you are experiencing technical issues, reach out to your advisory teacher or Ms. Nicky.
Behavior Expectations
You will practice appropriate and professional digital citizenship.
You will believe in yourself and your ability to learn.
You will believe that your actions matter and that you have an impact on your community.
Subject & Advisory Teachers
Language Arts
Mr. Stephenson
Ms. Brown

Mr. Burk