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Super Sharks
With an appetite for learning!

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Welcome Sharks!

The Super Sharks Team includes students, parents and guardians, and teachers all working together to make this the best year possible.

Our eighth-grade curriculum is challenging and requires hard work, for you are preparing to enter high school next year. We are always here to help you make it a successful year. No student will fail who completes all assignments and exhibits an effort to learn in class.


In eighth grade, you should expect to have homework every day. This is an area where some students undermine their success by failing to turn in assignments. Remember, zeros kill your average.

Chromebook Policy 


Be sure to charge your Chromebooks before August 12th!

Charge it every night! Be online every day!


Students are expected to attend the Advisory period each day. Attendance will be taken in their advisory period and their daily classes. Students are able to join the daily distance learning support period when necessary. Students who are absent from a class period will be marked as such.  Parents/guardians should expect to monitor their student’s attendance daily. If a student is absent, parents/guardians should call our attendance line and their child should connect with their teachers for any missing work (see below for information on Make-Up Work). For students who do not participate in their daily online class schedule, our support staff (counselors, administrators, etc) will work with our teachers in reaching out to these students and their families in an attempt to remove whatever obstacles that might exist to prevent the student from joining their peers in the daily schedule. Those who are unable to attend will need to contact their teachers who are rarely absent perform better than those who are habitually absent or tardy. If possible, schedule appointments during after-school hours, and limit vacations to official school holidays and breaks.
Make-up Work

When absent, be sure to obtain make-up work IMMEDIATELY upon returning and complete it promptly. It is your responsibility to get assignments and make up any work/tests missed.

Behavior Expectations

1. You will believe in yourself and your ability to learn
2. You will treat your work as a reflection of yourself
3. You will take your education seriously
4. You will believe that your actions matter and that you can make a difference
5. You will succeed because it is in your best interest and the interest of society for you to be educated
Zoom Behavior Expectations
In our student planner, there is a page devoted to online behavior for all members of our USD community. I would recommend reviewing this page with your student. Specifically, students are expected to act appropriately with their peers and Dartmouth staff in all classroom settings. Our administration will address any individual student behaviors as they arise throughout our online model. Please refer to these Google Slides for behavior expectations on Zoom (and other online classroom chat programs).