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Please Create A Marquee


If you ever had your Chromebook not charge, follow these instructions.  


Website Design Class


Two weeks ago I had you all exploring Wix and trying different templates and seeing what YOU and build yourself.


Today we will focus more on the actual design process


website design flowchart

I want you to work on paper first.  

    1. Think about what you want your site to show
    2. Think about you landing page (your first stop for all visitors)
      1. This should include general information
      2. It should have some navigation items (buttons) to drill deeper into what you want your visitor to your site to read about
      3. Think about color schemes, pictures, background images.
    3. Think about your content of your subsequent pages.  Where are you leading your visitor to your website.
    4. And then find a template on wix.com that you can work with.  

If you have finished this part, start embellishing your site with free to use images, your own pictures or drawings and start writing information you want your reader to know about your site.  

I will be back for our next meeting.  


If you need a video tutorial