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Steven Burk » Welcome Page

Welcome Page


Name: Steve Burk
Email Address: burks@unionsd.org
Phone number: 408.264.1122, ext. 503
Mr. Burk's P.E. Guidelines & Expectations

1) Gray, red & white DMS uniforms or sweats must be worn at all times during class unless otherwise instructed.

2) Grading is based upon a combination of factors including participation, uniform, sportsmanship, cooperation, behavior, and sport.

3) Students will rotate through a variety of sports and games during the year. They will have an opportunity to excel and act as a role model, student mentor, team captain, etc. Teams are chosen by the teacher with special attention paid to skill levels, individual development, handicaps, etc.

4) Approximately one week will be spent learning the dangers of tobacco and on a unit on nutrition. Written assignments will be required in each of these areas.

5) Additionally, selected writing assignments may be given during some of the major sporting venues, i.e. Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup playoffs, etc.

6) Classes are co-ed. Thus appropriate behavior, language, and attire are expected at all times.

7) Classes may be held outdoors during inclement weather. Thus it is recommended that sweat clothes be considered for your student. I do not require DMS issued sweats.