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Cyber Safety

Tips for Students:*
  • Disable your account if you suspect any negativity.
  • Block future communication and clean up your “friend” list/contacts/etc.
  • Do not retaliate, because retaliation can escalate the harassment and make it unclear who first instigated the aggression.
  • Do not do or say anything online that you wouldn’t do in person,or that you are not comfortable having other people know.
  • Tell an adult about the cyberbullying, particularly if there is anything threatening in the messages.
  • Make a hard copy of the posted material.
  • Write down or draw how you feel or what you might want to say (but don’t send it to anyone).
  • Do not delete e-mail or text messages until an adult has reviewed and documented the material.

Tips for Parents: *
  • Keep computers in easily viewable places, such as the family room or kitchen. Monitor your child’s use of cell phones/ipods/apps/etc.
  • Talk regularly with your children about the online activities in which they are involved, and Internet etiquette in general. Be specific about the risks of cyberbullying and their need to tell you if something bothers them.
  • Respect for adolescents’ privacy is important, but tell your children that you may review their online communications if you become concerned.
  • Set clear expectations for responsible online behavior and phone use.
  • Explain the consequences for violating those expectations.
  • Consider establishing a parent-child Internet use contract.
  • Be aware of warning signs that might indicate that your son or daughter is being bullied, such as reluctance to use the computer, a change in the child’s behavior and mood, or reluctance to go to school.
  • Document any bullying.
  • Contact the school to enlist help if the cyberbullying involves another student/s who attends the school.
  • File a complaint with the Web site, ISP, or cell phone company.
  • Contact the police if the cyberbullying includes threats.
*Adapted from American School Counselor Association and National Association of School Psychologists