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2017 Dartmouth Middle School
Proudly Present

Bye Bye Birdie




Bye Bye Birdie



What’s the musical about? Rock star Conrad Birdie is the biggest thing to top the charts. Teenage girls around the country scream with glee at the mere mention of his name. But when the US Army drafts Birdie, manager Albert Peterson sees his meal ticket preparing to fly the coop. Desperate for a publicity stunt big enough to help him survive Birdie’s departure, Albert hatches a plan: send Conrad to small-town America to give a goodbye kiss to one lucky fan for the entire world to see. Their selection of super fan Kim Macafee sends the town of Sweet Apple, Ohio into chaos.


When are auditions? Monday and Tuesday, February 13 & 14 from 3:00 until 4:30 will be for vocals, Wednesday February 15 will be for movement, and Thursday February 16 (and possibly February February 17) will be for callbacks. Actors must attend both auditions (one singing day and the dance day) to be considered for roles.


What happens during vocal auditions? These are the singing days. We will hear all the actor’s voices. If you prepare a song, we strongly encourage you to choose a song from a musical. Remember to bring the piano music (there will be an accompanist available) or a Karaoke-style background recording with you to auditions. DO NOT PLAN ON SINGING ALONG WITH A COMMERCIALLY RECORDED CD BY THE ORIGINAL ARTIST. We would rather hear you sing “a capella.” It is not necessary to prepare a song if you are trying out for the chorus/ensemble. We will teach you a song at the auditions. We will also register and photograph you.


What happens during dance auditions? Don’t prepare anything in advance for this audition. Come ready to move and we’ll teach you what to do. Please wear comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement.



What are callbacks? Callbacks are available to actors that we need another look at. We may ask to hear your voice again, or listen to you read from the script or see how you look with others onstage. YOU CAN STILL BE CAST IN THE MUSICAL WITHOUT BEING CALLED BACK! We will post and announce callbacks at the end of Wednesday’s audition.


What happens if I am cast? We will post a cast list and a meeting time for the first rehearsal. All cast members and their parents must sign a participation contract and commit to the production. Actors must attend all required rehearsals and behave in a safe, professional manner or they will be dismissed. Participating in DMS athletics at the same time as the play is NOT possible. Parents of cast members will also have responsibilities such as volunteering time, providing their student’s costume, and donating snacks for sale during the performances.


When are rehearsals? Rehearsals generally scheduled at DMS Monday - Friday. Most (but not all) rehearsals run from 3:00 - 5:00. Rehearsal schedules will be available in advance. Not all parts rehearse on all days; the schedule will vary. Please read your schedules carefully! Unexcused absences and/or chronic misbehavior at rehearsals will result in removal from the cast!


How do I get home after rehearsals? Students will be responsible for arranging their own rides home. “No ride home” is no excuse for missing a rehearsal! Carpooling in strongly encouraged.


When are performances? Thursday through Saturday, May 4, May 5, and May 6 at 7:30 PM and a matinee Sunday May 7, curtain time TBA. Actors must attend ALL performances.


Will there be opportunities for running crews? Student technicians will operate lights, sound, and other backstage aspects of the production. There will be a meeting for those students interested in this phase of the production sometime in April.


Will it be any fun? Just ask anyone who has been in shows in the past! It is a lot of work, a lot of time commitment, but it is also very rewarding, satisfying, and, yes, a LOT OF FUN!


Bye Bye Birdie



Albert Peterson – is the president of Almaelou Music Corp, and is Conrad Birdie’s manager. He is a nervous, excitable man who spends most of his time trying to control the uncontrollable.


Rose Alvarez – is Albert’s girlfriend and secretary at Almaelou, who is frustrated with Albert’s inability to commit to her. She is will to do anything it takes to get Albert to give up the music business and settle down.


Conrad Birdie – is a teen heartthrob who has been drafted into the Army. Birdie was written with Elvis Presley in mind. He says little, but conveys much with his body language, swagger, and music.


Mr. Harry MacAfee – is the father of Kim and Randolph. He thinks he’s in control of his family and his teenaged daughter. He isn’t.


Mrs. Doris MacAfee – is the mother of Kim and Randolph. She knows how to handle her husband and her family.


Kim MacAfee – is a member of Conrad’s fan club who is chosen to receive a kiss from Conrad before he leaves for the Army.


Randolph MacAfee – is Kim’s younger brother.


Hugo Peabody – is Kim’s devoted steady boyfriend. He is jealous that Conrad is receiving so much attention from Kim.


Ursula Merkle – is Kim’s best friend. She’s a hyper-enthusiastic girl who leads the other girls in screaming for Conrad.


Mrs. Mae Peterson – is Albert’s controlling mother. She disapproves of the way he runs the family business and (especially) his choice of girlfriend.


Gloria Rasputin  is the ambitious woman who Mrs. Peterson chooses to replace Rose.



Mayor – of Sweet Apple, Ohio is a bit unaware of the effect Conrad has on the women of the town, including his own wife.


Mayor’s Wife – Edna cannot escape the power of Conrad Birdie’s spell.


Mrs. Merkle – is Ursula’s mother who also gets a touch of Birdie fever.


Harvey Johnson – is an awkward teenager.


Mr. Johnson – is Harvey Johnson’s father. He’s desperate to keep control as Conrad Birdie comes to town.




Policemen, reporters, a train conductor and other station personnel, TV Show Stage Crew, a bartender, and parents of Sweet Apple teens.





Deborah Sue, Margie, Alice, Helen, Nancy, Penelope, Suzie, Karl, Freddie, and other girls and boys.

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