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Twelfth Night: Ye Olde Cast List



Viola Isha Chander

Sebastian Vinidu Geevaratne

Duke Orsino Mila Asnis

Olivia Lily Mintz

Malvolio Rachel Chen

Maria Faith Jordan

Sir Toby Belch Ian Hutt

Sir Andrew Aguecheek Nolan Zils

Feste Loralyn Withers

Fabian Eva Isaacs

Antonio Ella Katzir

Valentine Anna Substad

Curio Abby Manina

Sea Captain Maya Alfaro

Officers Katelyn Cho, Carly Zils, Morgan Hook, Kimberly Hung

A Priest Danipaul Sarkis

Sailors Claire Luong, Katelyn Rugg, Taryn Quam, Sofia Fernandez, Cindy Le, Noya Chirashnya, Sarah Phillips, Ella Boisvert, Quinn Godfrey, Ava Huggett

Servants of Olivia Mikaela Neal, Olivia Wittman, Sarah Addo, Kelly Hung, Naomi

Sakamoto, Eleanor O’Connor Weinstein, Audrey Nguyen, Olivia Porter, Daphne

Roach, Nila Mettler

Servants of Orsino Chase Lam, Adam Chirashnya, Winferd Wei, Vyas Chipalkatti, Connor Chiu


We will have our first rehearsal on Tuesday, September 5th from 3:00 until 4:30.

Contracts and schedules will be distributed. We will finish our read-thru.

Our show from two years ago
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